At the NOW Academy we identified the need to offer a Model Development Course tailored for aspiring models and a Model Workshop tailored for professional models.

Our signature Model Development Course for aspiring models consist of a 3-week course which includes the following modules:

Module 1 – Photographic

  • Photographic etiquette
  • Go-sees
  • Portfolios
  • Test shoots
  • Z-cards

Module 2 – Castings

  • Casting etiquette
  • Ramp castings
  • Fittings and your model bag

Module 3 – Ramp Practical

  • Theory
  • Music and mood projection
  • Turns and posture

Our signature Model Workshop for professional models consist of a 1-day workshop focused on the following topics:

Module 1 – The Business of Modeling

  • Gain inside info on the way the industry works, allowing you to take control of your career.

Module 2 – The Next step

  • Integrate your look, brand and attitude to maximize your chances of success.

Module 3 – Taking Charge

  • Learn the art of being confident at castings, photogenic on camera and how to walk the walk on a ramp.

* Email for price structure, course and workshop dates.